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Fostering the Remediation & Redevelopment of
Manufactured Gas Plant Sites

Marc S. Godick


Presentation Title

Source Area Stabilization, Odor/Emission Control & Soil Vapor Mitigation on MGP Brownfield Sites

Marc S. Godick, LEP, Senior Vice President, AKRF, Inc.

Co-Author: Patrick J. McHugh, P.E., AKRF, Inc.


Presentation will be a case study for the assessment, remediation, and redevelopment of 10 acre, $200 MM development project along the Hudson River shoreline in Yonkers, New York. The Site had with multiple sources of contamination including: petroleum, historical fill, and manufactured gas plant (MGP) byproducts. Assessment of the Site occurred over a six-year period involving multiple parties and included traditional assessment techniques as well as TarGOST laser induced fluorescence technology to delineate the vertical and horizontal extent of MGP contamination. The remedial design was negotiated by a team of consultants and agencies while considering environmental exposure to the public, cost effectiveness, and feasibility. The Site remedy required a complex combination of remedial solutions including, but not limited to: in-situ soil solidification (ISS); auger column ISS; pile modifications; and injection of rigid foam along preferential utility pathways.  In addition, traditional remedial methods were also utilized (sub-slab depressurization system, excavation, pump and treat, dewatering, bioremediation, site capping, etc.) Remedial and redevelopment efforts were complicated by a variety of factors including: an elevated, tidal water table in the floodplain; multiple geologic units; MGP contamination at depth; deep bedrock (>100 feet below ground surface); poor soil quality/strength due to historical fill; deteriorated and aged municipal utilities and adjacent structures; significant regulatory oversight; and redevelopment plans requiring pile driving through ISS treated material and areas of residual contamination. The intensive remediation activities were completed in less than six months and redevelopment of the Site is anticipated to be completed in about two years.  Throughout the presentation, we will focus on the collaborative, innovative, and agile decision making of the consultant, client, regulator, and contractor team to execute the remedial requirements in a cost effective and timely manner and facilitate the overall development project.


Marc S. Godick, a Senior Vice President of AKRF, leads the firm's Site Assessment & Remediation practice.  Mr. Godick has 29 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry, and has expertise in due diligence, remedial investigation, design and implementation of remedial measures, compliance assessment, and litigation support.   Mr. Godick focuses on brownfield redevelopment for large scale, mixed-use, affordable and market rate residential projects, as well as commercial, industrial, utility, and infrastructure projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions in both the private and public sectors.  Mr. Godick holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.E. in Engineering Science/Environmental Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.