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Fostering the Remediation & Redevelopment of
Manufactured Gas Plant Sites

Kyle Carlton


Presentation Title

Large Scale Coverage to Surgical Precision for MGP Site Remediation: Horizontal Injection Wells Provide Effective and Efficient Amendment Delivery

Kyle J. Carlton, PG, Senior Geologist, Directional Technologies, Inc.

Co-Author: Mike Sequino, Principal Engineer / Co-Owner, Directional Technologies, Inc.


Delivery of chemical amendment to the target subsurface zone is crucial to the success of in-situ injection remediation.  Installation of horizontal injection wells with horizontal directional drilling (HDD) accesses contaminated areas beyond the reach of vertical drilling methods.  This presentation will demonstrate the versatility of horizontal injection techniques through discussion of three case studies detailing sites varying from large scale injection beneath extensive areas to smaller scale, precise injection approaches.    Case Study 1: A major redevelopment project faced significant environmental challenges due a chlorinated solvent plume which extended over 1,600 feet.  An in situ chemical oxidation system needed to be installed while construction activities were ongoing.  Ten single-entry horizontal injection wells were installed beneath the future building sites enabled delivery of 1.03 million gallons of KMNO4 solution within a 26-day period.    Case Study: 2 Industrial process wastewater leaking from a drain line contributed to perchlorate concentrations in the groundwater ranging from 10 to 500 mg/L and the estimated mass on the order of 1,500 pounds of perchlorate.  Two horizontal injection wells installed beneath a parking lot and building injected a soluble carbon source and bio-culture to facilitate anoxic biodegradation of the perchlorate.      Case Study 3:  Leaking USTs originally installed in the 1980s resulted in a petroleum plume beneath an active chemical manufacturing facility in New South Wales, Australia.  Surface obstructions including warehouses, ASTs, loading racks, and high traffic areas prevented vertical injection points.  Three horizontal injection wells were installed beneath the infrastructure to provide hydrogen peroxide and ferrous sulphate delivery.  


Kyle Carlton, PG is the Senior Geologist and Business Development Manager at Directional Technologies, Inc.  Prior to joining Directional Technologies, Mr. Carlton developed a diverse background as a project manager within a leading southeastern environmental consulting firm for 11 years.  He gained valuable experience through field assessment, project management, corrective action planning, remediation system operations, and professional proposal and report publications.  His portfolio includes in-depth knowledge of designing and implementing multiple types of remediation.  As Senior Geologist, he serves Directional Technologies' clients with detailed design and execution of horizontal remediation well projects for the environmental industry.  He is also responsible for educating environmental professionals on the numerous capabilities and case studies of horizontal well technology at environmental sites.