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Fostering the Remediation & Redevelopment of
Manufactured Gas Plant Sites

Gary Rose


Gary Rose

Gary Rose, MGP Program Manager, Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.


Mr. Rose is a Corporate Project Manager at Sevenson. He also serves as Sevenson’s MGP Program Manager. In this capacity, he has managed 31 MGP remediation projects for major utility companies with total contract values over $200M and more than 450K safe manhours. Mr. Rose’s project teams have consistently executed challenging remedial construction and environmental dredging projects on schedule and within budget. He works closely with his team preparing proposals and cost estimates. Upon award of a contract he transitions to developing work plans and submittals prior to mobilization and commencement of work. Mr. Rose also has 32 years of experience working closely with owners and engineers participating in constructability reviews, enabling project teams to anticipate differing site conditions, as well as make timely, well-informed decisions that often realize operational efficiencies and cost savings. To date, his constructability reviews have saved millions of dollars in construction costs for clients.