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Fostering the Remediation & Redevelopment of
Manufactured Gas Plant Sites

Call for Abstracts for MGP 2019


Call for Abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentations

We have issued a Call for Abstracts for the 8th International Symposium and Exhibition on the Redevelopment of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites (MGP 2019).  

Topical Areas for consideration include:

  • Developments in site investigation and characterization
  • Sediment remediation (e.g. design, construction,  capping, dredging)  
  • Remediation planning and management  
  • Innovative approaches and technology for MGP site remediation
  • Developments in in-situ remediation (e.g. chemical oxidation, stabilization, containment/tar recovery)
  • Developments in ex-situ remediation (e.g. bioremediation, soil washing & thermal treatment)  
  • Advances in human health and ecological risk assessment  Air monitoring, odor/emission control, soil vapor assessment and control  
  • Redevelopment case studies  
  • Managing potential responsible party, insurance and financial issues
  • Community relations and stakeholder management  
  • Regulatory involvement and interactions

MGP 2019 sessions have been designed to allow for three (3) 30 minute speaking slots.  We suggest presenters plan for a 20 minute talk and allow 10 minutes for Q&A.

If you have an interest in presenting either an oral or poster presentation please click on the button below.

DEADLINE: November 30, 2018.

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Presenter Registration Policy:

We ask all oral and  poster presenters  to consider paying the full conference registration fee since we are a 501(c)(6) non-profit and this is our fund raising event for promoting the topic of recycling. Having said that, if a presenter cannot pay the full registration we have established a fee of $127 to cover our direct costs. In the event the speaker is coming in to talk and then leave, we will waive the fee.

Agenda Layout

MGP 2019 will take place on June 2-4, 2019.

To view the tentative agenda layout by day click on the link below.

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