Sunday, June 2, 2019

 1:00 pm - 6:30 pm                     Registration Open

1:00 pm - 4:30 pm                     Exhibitor and Poster Setup             

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm                     Site-Owners Meeting (Only for MGP Site Owners and Managers)

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm                     ASTM’s Guides for Risk Based Corrective Action for Sediments Workshop

This workshop will examine how a unified approach for addressing contaminated sediment sites can improve consistency in areas such as risk assessment, analytical methods and techniques, corrective action objective development, and monitoring plan development and implementation. A framework consisting of multiple new ASTM Sediment Corrective Action standards have been developed. The information discussed at this workshop will help to enhance the usability of the framework and create consistency with how contaminated sediment sites are managed. The workshop will included technical presentations by analytical chemists, risk assessors, and project managers from some of the most well known contaminated sediment sites.


Tripp Fischer, VP Principal Hydrogeologist, BSTI

Mike Firth, Associate, ELM Group Inc.

Todd Cridge, Principal Environmental Engineer, Arcadis

Kristin Searcy Bell, PhD, Senior Managing Consultant, Ramboll

Jim Occhialini, VP Technical Specialist, Alpha Analytical, Inc.

A separate fee of $97 is required for this workshop.  Click HERE to Register for the Workshop.

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm                     Shared  Reception: Exhibit Hall

                                                              MGP 2019 and WCTC 2019   

Monday, June 3, 2019

7:30 am – 7:00 pm                   Registration Open

7:30 am – 8:30 am                  Shared Continental Breakfast: Exhibit Hall

                                                           MGP 2019 and WCTC 2019

8:30 am - 10:00 am                Opening Session

Welcome: Gene Jones, Executive Director, International Society of Technical & Environmental Professionals,  Inc.

Moderator:  Mark Castro, Senior Remediation Project Manager, Environmental Services Department, ComEd

UK National Grid: Experiences Dismantling Gas Holders and Managing Industrial Heritage
Matthew Pearce, Head of Real Estate Management, National Grid

Co-Author: Frank Evans, Head of Operations UK Commercial Property, National Grid

Rethinking the Steps for Effective Identification of Third Parties at Sediment Sites
Russell Selman, Partner, Schiff Hardin

The Effect of pH Control on the Remediation of Coal Tar (Creosote) Impacted MGP Sites

William Lundy, Sr., Vice President, DeepEarth Technologies, Inc.

10:00 am - 10:30 am               Shared Break: Exhibit Hall

                                                              MGP 2019 and WCTC 2019

10:30 am - 12:30 pm               MGP Remediation Case Studies from Around the Globe - Part I

Moderator:  Heather M. Prentice, Director of Environmental Compliance, Risk Management, and Governance, Consumers Energy

Remediation of a Former MGP Site - Central New Jersey

Candace Baker,  LSRP, Senior Project Manager, LANGAN

Co-Author:  Brian Blum, CPG, LSRP,  LANGAN

The Manufactured Gas Industry in England

Prof. Russell Thomas, BSc (Hons) PhD CBIOL MRSB MIENVSc CEnv MSCI MIGEM EngTech, Technical Director, Ground Risk and Remediation, WSP UK Limited

Comparative Study for ZVI/Peroxide vs Ferric Iron Oxide Persulfate Activation Followed by Intrinsic Facultative, Biologically Mediated Processes

Michael Scalzi, President, Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc.

An ISS Case Study at a Former MGP Facility – When the Drilling Gets Tough, the Tough Get Drilling

Dr. Paul R Lear, Technical Director,  Great Lakes E&I

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm               Shared Lunch

                                                            MGP 2019 and WCTC 2019

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm                   NAPL Impacted Sediment Remediation

Moderator:  Tripp Fischer, P.G., Vice President, Principal Hydrogeologist, Brownfield Science & Technology, Inc. (BSTI)and Chair, ASTM International's Environmental Corrective Action Sub Committee E50.04

Management of PAH and NAPL-Impacted Dredge Residuals—Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site Located in the Portland Harbor Superfund Site

Ryan Barth, Principal Engineer, Anchor QEA, LLC

Co: Authors:  Bob Wyatt, NW Natural and Holly Samaha, Anchor QEA, LLC

Remediation of DNAPL Impacted Sediments –  “In the Eye of the Beholder?”
Rick Beach, Associate Principal & Vice President, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

Co-Authors: Meredith Hayes, Dan Amate, Michael Shaw, and John Oberer, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

Selection of In-Situ Stabilization Areas for NAPL-Impacted Sediment Remediation and Treatment Cap Design  

Jeff Gentry, Principle Technologist, Jacobs 

Co-Authors: Paige Molzahn and Juliana Hess, Jacobs

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm                     Shared Break: Exhibit Hall

                                                               MGP 2019 and WCTC 2019

3:30 pm – 5:30 pm                    MGP Remediation Case Studies from Around the Globe - Part II

Moderator:  Bob Wyatt, Director of Legacy, Environmental Program, NW Natural

From Contaminated MGP’s Toward Meaningful Places: Reactivating Soil, Land and Cities

Inge De Vrieze, Project Manager, Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij (OVAM)

Co-Authors: Kristel De Clercq, Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij (OVAM) and Karen Van Geert, Arcadis

Successful Completion of Remedial Construction of the Ashland/Northern States Power Company Lakefront Superfund Site With an Eye Towards Redevelopment (with insights on 30 years in the industry)

James R. Dunn, Retired, (Former Hydrogeologist – Remediation & Redevelopment, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)

Addressing Residual Upland Groundwater to Sediment Discharge:

Case Studies of Permeable Reactive Barrier Treatment Systems

John Collins, General Manager and COO,  AquaBlok, Ltd.

Co-Author: John H. Hull, P.E., AquaBlok, Ltd.

Redeveloping a Remediated MGP Site

Gerald F Nicholls, PE, CHMM, LANGAN

Co-Authors: Steve Ciambruschini, Albert Tashji, Michael Burke, and Seth Vaidya, LANGAN

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm                   Shared  Reception: Exhibit Hall

                                                             MGP 2019 and WCTC 2019

                                                             MGP 2019 Poster Presentations

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

7:15 am – 12:30 pm                Registration Open

7:15 am – 8:00 am                     Shared Continental Breakfast: Exhibit Hall

                                                              MGP 2019 and WCTC 2019

8:00 am – 10:00 am                  Using Risk Analysis for Human Health Considerations and Remediation Activities on Former MGP Sites

Moderator:  Joseph C. Foglio, CHMM, Principal &  Sr. Vice President, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

Ultra-resolution Analysis of Coal Tars – Implications for Risk Assessment and Source Apportionment

Prof. Russell Thomas, BSc (Hons) PhD CBIOL MRSB MIENVSc CEnv MSCI MIGEM EngTech, Technical Director, Ground Risk and Remediation, WSP UK Limited

Co-Authors: Chris Taylor, National Grid Property,  Robert Kalin, University of Strathclyde, and Chris Gallacher University of Strathclyde

Using an AMS/EPA Regulatory Model (AERMOD) for Assessing Community Exposure During MGP Site Cleanups

Timothy R. Minnich, Principal, Minnich and Scotto, Inc.

Co-Author: Robert L. Scotto, Principal, Minnich and Scotto, Inc.

Occupational Physician Review and Risk Communication as a Component  of MGP Remediation

Dr. Marc Wilkenfeld, MD, Chief Division of Occupational Medicine, Department of Medicine, NYU Winthrop Hospital

Health Risk and Risk Communication in the Context of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites:  Science, Perception and Reality

Dr. Christopher M. Teaf, Director, Center for Biomedical and Toxicological Research, Florida State University

Co-Authors: Douglas J. Covert and Michele M. Garber, MPH, Hazardous Substance & Waste Management Research, Inc.

10:00 am – 10:30 am              Shared Break: Exhibit Hall

                                                             MGP 2019 and WCTC 2019

10:30 am – 12:30 pm              Remediation Review: Technologies and Applications for MGP Site Remediation

Moderator: Gary Rose, MGP Program Manager, Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.

PAHs in Urban Background: Rations and Patterns

David Mauro, President, META Environmental, Inc.

Sediment Cap Design, Modeling, and Construction at a Former MGP Site

Tom Boom,  Vice President and Senior Environmental Engineer, Barr Engineering

Co-Authors: Andrew Santini, Consumers Energy, Dale Kolstad, Barr Engineering  and Steve Shaw, Sevenson Environmental Services

Steam Enhanced Soil Mixing with Real Time Data Monitoring for Remediation at MGP Sites

Jason Marberry, Project Manager, FECC,  Inc.

Source Area Stabilization, Odor/Emission Control & Soil Vapor Mitigation on MGP Brownfield Sites

Marc S. Godick, LEP, Senior Vice President, AKRF, Inc.

Co-Author: Patrick J. McHugh, P.E., AKRF, Inc.

Large Scale Coverage to Surgical Precision for MGP Site Remediation: Horizontal Injection Wells Provide Effective and Efficient Amendment Delivery

Kyle J. Carlton, PG, Senior Geologist, Directional Technologies, Inc.

Co-Author: Mike Sequino, Principal Engineer / Co-Owner, Directional Technologies, Inc.

12:30 pm                                    Adjourn

11:00 am - 1:00 pm              Exhibitor and Poster Breakdown