Using Sustainability Metrics to Support Remedy Selection for MGP Remediation


Using Sustainability Metrics to Support Remedy Selection for MGP Remediation

Roger Hathaway, Larry Welch, and Don Schilling (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Dave Palmer (Ameren)




      Roger Hathaway                                                       Dave Palmer

GEI Consultants, Inc.                                                     Ameren

Speaker Bios:

Roger Hathaway:

Roger Hathaway is a Vice President with GEI Consultants in their Glastonbury, Connecticut office. He has worked in the site remediation sphere for over 25 years. His work includes both site remediation and portfolio management support with a number of utilities across the country including Ameren in Illinois.

Dave Palmer:

Dave Palmer currently manages Ameren’s former manufactured gas plant (MGP) remediation program.

Prior to his role in Environmental Services, Dave spent 2 years within Ameren’s Project Management Oversight Group, providing leadership, guidance and support for project management and project controls personnel associated with the development, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and close of projects greater than $5M.

Palmer started at Ameren following over 16 years of project/portfolio/program management with practical experience working on diverse construction, geotechnical, and environmental projects. Palmer managed projects across the U.S., developing, planning and executing predominantly large-scale facility decommissioning and remediation projects.

A St. Louis native, Dave received a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Missouri State University, and is a Professional Geologist registered in Tennessee. He has also earned PMP and EVMP certifications.


As more utilities adopt the use of sustainability metrics and reporting as a standard way of communicating their concern and responsiveness to the public, the issue of green and sustainable remediation gains prominence. Ameren has made sustainability reporting one of their major management initiatives. This presentation discusses the steps involved in evaluating sustainability metrics for remedial alternatives at typical MGP sites. The evaluation compares remedies incorporating: excavation, in situ solidification, in situ thermal treatment and in situ chemical oxidation. GEI Consultants, Inc., Ameren’s MGP Program Management Consultant has worked to develop a pilot program to integrate Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) practices into the remedy selection process for their portfolio of sites. The framework is based on Ameren Sustainability metrics and the requirements of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), and follows the ASTM Standard guide for integrating sustainable objectives into cleanup. The evaluation process uses tools developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) under their initiative for Greener Cleanups.

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