Todd Bachand



Todd Bachand

Duke Energy

Moderator Bio:

Mr. Bachand has over 32 years of environmental remediation experience and as a Lead Environmental Specialist with in the Duke Energy’s Remediation group, his primary responsibilities include the management of historical MGP liabilities, contaminated properties and the management of the environmental aspects of power plant decommissioning projects in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Typical projects include legacy subsurface soil and groundwater contamination at operating and retired generating plants and operating centers, and properties owned by third parties where historic company operations occurred.  In addition, he provides remedial support to our internal stakeholders including Fossil-Hydro, Transmission, Distribution and Gas Operations.

Additional responsibilities include communicating plans and expectations with internal and external customers, including third parties, other Potentially Responsible Parties, and Federal and State Regulators. The sensitive nature of the projects involves collaboration with multiple areas of the company including Government Affairs, Community Affairs, Finance, Legal and Real Estate.


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