Sustainable Redevelopment of the Toledo Gas Light & Coke Site in Downtown Toledo, Ohio


The Sixth International Symposium and Exhibition on the Redevelopment of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites
(MGP 2015)


8-10, November, 2015
Ghent, Belgium


Concurrent Lecture Session: Theme 4- Soil & Environment

Subtheme 4 B: Soil & Environment

Monday, November 9, 2015

15:30 – 17:00


Presentation Topic:

Sustainable Redevelopment of the Toledo Gas Light & Coke Site in Downtown Toledo, Ohio



Dr. Brad White

River Road Redevelopment / Hull & Associates, Inc.

Speaker Bio:

Bradford S. White, Ph.D., PG | Vice President and VAP Certified Professional. Brad is a Principal at Hull with over 25 years of diverse experience in the environmental industry. As Vice President of Business Development, he works closely with Hull’s key clients to ensure that they receive the quality of service that distinguishes Hull from its competitors. As the Brownfield Market Leader, he assists the firm’s local, state, and federal clients, industrial clients, and partner affiliates in projects related to site development and real estate transaction, especially as it relates to highly-distressed properties. Brad also serves as Hull’s managing partner for the special-purpose entities that acquire and redevelop brownfield sites. In this capacity he oversees all aspects of the property transaction, through negotiation, financing, cleanup, and redevelopment. Redevelopments include the Toledo and Columbus Casino sites, the Columbia Gas MGP site in Toledo, and the Original Wright Company Factory (Delphi) in Dayton. Prior to entering the environmental profession, he was on the faculty of the California Institute of Technology in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences. Brad holds a doctorate in Geochemistry from the University of California and a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Indiana University.


This presentation will describe the public-private partnership between Hull & Associates, the City of Toledo, and Columbia Gas of Ohio (COH). The purpose of the partnership is to redevelop the former location of the Toledo Gas Light & Coke Company, which operated as an MGP from 1887 through 1918. MGP structures were demolished in the 1940’s to accommodate office, warehouse, and vehicle-maintenance buildings. The property was purchased by COH in 1963. The facilities were vacated in 2010. Hull’s redevelopment subsidiary, River Road Redevelopment (R3), acquired the property from COH in 2011. Based on the economic development opportunity on a brownfield site, the project received a $3M grant from the Ohio Department of Development’s Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund. The state’s investment was further justified based on an equal investment by COH. The final element in the partnership’s successful package of agreements was Hull’s commitment to build and occupy its Toledo office on the former MGP site, using development features as engineering controls. The demolition and remediation of the highly contaminated site was completed in 2012. The regulatory framework was established through the Ohio Voluntary Action Program, and Ohio EPA has issued a Covenant Not to Sue. R3 operates a groundwater collection and treatment system on the property, and there’s a “bioberm” and phytoremediation system operated as a sustainable groundwater remediation sponsored by the University of Toledo. As part of the master plan for the Toledo Warehouse District business community, the City is actively redeveloping the adjacent Erie Street Market, with a focus on the business of “Sustainable Local Foods.” Hull began constructing its new office on the MGP site in 2015, and is working with Sustainable Local Foods to expand its operations on the remainder of the MGP site and an adjacent brownfield site it owns.


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