Shelter from the Storm: Integrating MGP Remediation and Coastal Flood Resilience



Shelter from the Storm: Integrating MGP Remediation and Coastal Flood Resilience

Presenter:  Jon Williams, P.E. (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Authors:  Jon Williams (GEI Consultants, Inc.), Tracey Bell (NYC Economic Development Corp.),  Kevin McCarty, P.G. (Integral Consulting)


Infrastructure and warehouses built upon a former MGP site in coastal New York City are designated for storm resiliency improvements including flood walls, raised grades, and construction of a self-contained electric micro-grid. These improvements are necessary to protect NYC’s food distribution hub against coastal flooding during extreme weather events. Two of the remedial technologies planned for a portion of this former MGP site will be integrated into the resiliency improvements. Vertical swell from cement grout reagent addition for in situ solidification will be used to raise the local grade for future construction. Un-impacted overburden soil will be temporarily stockpiled and then reused to create a protective cover for the remedy and to provide surface grading for stormwater control. ISS will improve the bearing capacity of ground previously unsuitable for development, including the footprint of a gas-turbine electric generation station for the micro-grid. Low-permeability subsurface barrier walls will be integrated with above-grade flood walls. The subsurface barrier walls will perform a dual role: to contain environmental impacts, and to prevent flood wall undermining and groundwater surging during flood events.

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