San Rafael MGP



San Rafael MGP

Presenter:  David  F. Scrivner (ERM)
Authors:  David F. Scrivner (ERM),  Razmik Gozalians (American Integrated Services, Inc.)


The project includes removing approximately 35,000 cubic yards of impacted manufactured gas plant (MGP) waste in an urban downtown setting in Marin County followed by full restoration of the site.    Due to Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) regulations and toxic air contaminants in the soil, ERM completed extensive air emissions modeling and health risk assessments to meet BAAQMD requirements and obtain the necessary permits to proceed. These assessments required a degree of mitigation that could only be achieved by erecting large fabric structures (tents) covering approximately 35,000 square feet at a time, tenting the areas to be excavated and treating 4-5M cubic feet of air per hour inside the large tents.This is believed to be the first large tented remediation project in California and the first for this client. ERM has utilized these fabric structures on several sites in the Midwest for another utility company.


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