Below is a List of Submitted Posters for MGP 2017.

*  Posters are ordered by Presenter’s last name.
**  Presentation titles highlighted in blue are hyperlinked to full poster abstract.


Revisiting a Fractured Bedrock Conceptual Site Model to Support a Technical Impracticability Waiver Zone Amendment
Presenter:  Douglas C. Allen, P.G. (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.)
Authors:  Douglas C. Allen, P.G. (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.),  Patrick J. Renshaw (PPL Electric Utilities Corp.),  Christopher Langman, CHMM (UGI Utilities, Inc.)

A Comparison of Various Design and Operational Approaches to Site Remediation Perimeter Air Monitoring Programs
Presenter:  Matthew  Arvanites (AECOM)
Authors:  Matthew Arvanites,  Melissa McGlaughlin, and Leo Gendron (AECOM)

MGP DNAPL Mobility Assessment in Support of Reactive Cap Remedy Design
Presenter:  Sean  Carroll (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.)
Authors:  Sean M. Carroll (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.),  Marc B. Okin (NiSource, Inc.)

Using Polymer to Treat Cyanide-Bearing Wastewater During Remediation at MGP Sites
Presenter:  Adam  Chen (Burns & McDonnell Engineering, Inc.)
Authors:  Adam Chen, Tom Marshall,  Donna Davis, and Joan Gonzalez (Burns & McDonnell Engineering, Inc.)

Haverhill Holder Site Remediation and Culvert Replacement
Presenter:  Jason R. Chrzanowski (GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.)
Authors:  Jason Chrzanowski, Stephen Raymond, Charles Lindberg, and  James Clark (GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.)

Remediation of Coal Tar Impacted Intertidal Sediment in the Fore River, Portland Harbor, Maine
Presenter:  John  Collins (AquaBlok, Ltd.)
Authors:  John A. Collins (AquaBlok, Ltd.), Jason Provencher, Richard Egan, and Peter Thompson  (Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure),
Thomas Murphy (Unitil Service Corporation)

Remediation and Redevelopment of an Urban Waterfront Area at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP)
Presenter:  Peter Cox, P.G. (AECOM)
Authors: Peter Cox, P.G. and Shail Pandya (AECOM)

The Sheen Stops Here: How to Select a Remedial Technology that Won’t Pass the Buck
Presenter:  Todd Cridge (Arcadis US, Inc.)
Authors: Todd Cridge, Shannon Dunn and Barbara Orchard Aragon (Arcadis US, Inc.)

Distinguishing MGP Tar, Coal Tar, and Petroleum Products in Soil, Sediment, Groundwater, and Air
Presenter:  Stephen Emsbo-Mattingly, M.S. (NewFields Environmental Forensics Practice, LLC)
Author:  Stephen Emsbo-Mattingly, M.S. (NewFields Environmental Forensics Practice, LLC)

Fountains Apartments
Presenter:  Brett Engard, P.G. (Anchor QEA)
Authors:  Brett Engard, P.G.  and Jennifer Verde, P.E. (Anchor QEA)

A Comprehensive Approach for Structural, Geotechnical, Air, and Odor Monitoring During Remediation of a MGP Site in an Urban Area of the Northeastern United States
Presenter:  Melissa  Felter (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Authors:  Melissa Felter, Brian Skelly,  and Christopher Gordon (GEI Consultants, Inc.)

Third Time’s a Charm (Third and Final Remediation of a Former MGP)
Presenter:  Shawn  Fiore (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.)
Authors:  Shawn Fiore (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.), Marc Okin (NiSource, Inc.)

No Further Action – For Real!
Presenter:  Ben T. Foster, P.G. (AECOM)
Authors:  Ben T. Foster, P.G.  and Randy Sillan, P.E. (AECOM)

Smoldering Combustion (STAR and STARx) for the Treatment of Contaminated Soils: Challenges Encountered & Lessons Learned in Providing a New Remediation Technology to the Industry
Presenter:  Gavin  Grant, Ph.D. (Savron)
Authors:  Gavin Grant, Ph.D., David Major, Ph.D.,  and Grant Scholes (Savron)

Naphthalene in Soil Gas Observed at Lower Concentrations During Heating Season
Presenter:  Brian G Hennings (NRT, an OBG Company)
Authors:  Brian G. Hennings and Kendall L. Simon (NRT, an OBG Company)

Soil Spiking for a Representative ISS Treatability Study
Presenter:  Paul Jansen (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Authors:  Paul Jansen, Youness Sharifi, Shu Xu, Christopher Dailey and Currie Mixon (GEI Consultants, Inc.)

Sediment Capping – Lessons Learned from a Dynamic Sand-bed River
Presenter:  Russell Johnson (Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.)
Authors:  Russell Johnson (Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.), Randy Brown (Anchor QEA),
Robert Cleary  and Peter LaGoy (Columbia Gas of Massachusetts),  Andrew Timmis (J. F. Brennan Company, Inc.)

Application of Rapid High Resolution Site Characterization for Source Delineation and In-Situ Thermal Treatment Design
Presenter:  Michael  Jordan (Cascade Drilling)
Authors:  Michael Jordan (Cascade Technical Services),  Devon Phelan, Gorm Heron, John Bierschenk (TerraTherm, Inc.), Dave Palmer (Ameren Services)

ISS Treatability Study on the Former Synergy MGP Site
Presenter:  Tommy  Jordan (KEMRON)
Author:  Tommy  Jordan (KEMRON)

Bench Scale Solidification/Stabilization Study on the MGP Pond Sludge Resulting in Successful Remedial Action
Presenter:  Tommy  Jordan (KEMRON)
Author:  Tommy  Jordan (KEMRON)

Evaluation of Mineral Oil Spill Absorbents for Lower Life-Cycle Costs and Improved Energy Recovery Options
Presenter:  Tommy  Jordan (KEMRON)
Authors:  Tommy  Jordan (KEMRON), Dan Patel (Southern Company Services, Inc.)

Comparative Study for ZVI/Peroxide vs Ferric Iron Oxide Persulfate Activation Followed by Intrinsic Facultative, Biologically Mediated Processes
Presenter:  Antonis  Karachalios (Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc.)
Authors:  Antonis Karachalios and Michael Scalzi (Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc.)

Community Relations and Stakeholder Management on Third-Party Owned Site during MGP Site Remediation Activities
Presenter:  Douglas  Kier (AECOM)
Authors:  Douglas Kier and Crystal Shadle (AECOM), Peter Farrand (PECO Energy Company)

Combining In Situ Chemical Oxidation and In Situ Solidification for Coal Tar – Synergy or Conflict?
Presenter: Mark Klemmer (Arcadis US, Inc.)
Authors: Mark Klemmer, Adam Chwalibog and Andy Baumeister (Arcadis US, Inc.) Heather Prentice (Consumers Energy)

Good Things Come in Threes – Complex Soil Mixing at a Superfund Site
Presenter:  Paul R. Lear (Envirocon)
Authors:  Paul R. Lear and Peter Joy (Envirocon)

Hot Spots at MGP Sites – How to Deal with Them During ISS Treatment
Presenter:  Paul R. Lear (Envirocon)

Author:  Paul R. Lear (Envirocon)

Automated Data Collection and Reporting:  The Good and Bad
Presenter:  Melissa  McLaughlin (AECOM)
Author: Melissa  McLaughlin (AECOM)

Leach Performance Testing For Solidification Projects: How Do We Get There From Here?
Presenter:  Currie  Mixon (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Authors:  Currie Mixon, Chris Dailey, Andy Adinolfi, and Gaylen Brubaker (GEI Consultants, Inc.)

Trends in Ratios and Patterns in Pyrogenic PAH Sources
Presenter:  David Mauro (META Environmental, Inc.)
Authors:  David M. Mauro (META Environmental, Inc.), James A. Roush (Cakebread Consulting, LLC)

Evaluation of Biooxidation to Mitigate Long-Term Dissolution and Mass Discharge of Contaminants from Coal Tar and Creosote
Presenter:  David Mauro (META Environmental, Inc.)
Authors:  David M. Mauro (META Environmental, Inc.), Randy Sillan, P.E., Ph.D., BCEE, (AECOM)

Assessment of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL) Mobility in Sediment
Presenter:  David V. Nakles (The CETER Group, Inc.)
Authors:  David V. Nakles (The CETER Group, Inc.),  Jeffrey Clock (EPRI),  Nicholas A. Azzolina (Energy and Environmental Research Center)

Application of an Analytical Technique for Determining Alkyl PAHs, Saturated Hydrocarbons and Geochemical Biomarkers in Water, Soil and Tissue
Presenter:  Charles  Neslund (Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental, LLC)
Author:  Charles Neslund (Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental, LLC)

Sorptive Amendments Work Together to Remediate MGP Sites
Presenter:  James T Olsta (HUESKER, Inc.)
Authors:  Jim Olsta (HUESKER, Inc.), Kristof Thimm (HUESKER Synthetic GmbH)

Use of Ultrafine Silica Reagents to Improve S/S Material Performance
Presenter:  George  Onorato. P.E. (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Author:  George Onorato, P.E. (GEI Consultants, Inc.)

Challenges and Opportunities with Removing a Former Gas Holder in a Residential Neighborhood
Presenter:  Gina Plantz (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.)
Author:  Gina Plantz and Angela Olguin (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.), Adrienne LaPierre (RPS Iris Environmental)

Impacts of Sediment Depositional Environment on Contaminant Migration and Plume Geometry at Former Manufactured Gas Plant Sites
Presenter:  Colin Plank, CPG (Burns & McDonnell)
Author:  Colin Plank, CPG and Gene McLinn (Burns & McDonnell)

Achieving Groundwater Source Control Using a Hydraulic Control and Containment System in a Tidally Influenced Hydrogeologic System
Presenter:  John  Renda (Anchor QEA, LLC)
Authors:  John Renda, John Edwards, Ben Hung and Ben Johnson (Anchor QEA, LLC), Robert Wyatt (NW Natural)

Effective Risk Management on an MGP Site Remediation
Presenter:  Hunter Sartain, P.E., GC (ERM)
Author:  Hunter Sartain, P.E., GC (ERM)

San Rafael MGP
Presenter:  David F. Scrivner (ERM)
Authors:  David F. Scrivner (ERM),  Razmik Gozalians (American Integrated Services, Inc.)

Why Well-Done when Medium-Rare will Do? Another Look at Containment in the Age of Stabilization/Solidification
Presenter:  Ryan S. Sheaffer (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Authors:  Ryan Sheaffer and Barry Raus (GEI Consultants, Inc.)

Applying Horizontal Remediation Well Technology to MGP Site Cleanup
Presenter:  Kyle Carlton (Directional Technologies, Inc.)
Author:  Mike Sequino (Directional Technologies, Inc.)

MGPs and Insurance Coverage: New and Old Historical Sources Working Together
Presenter:  Kim  Silvi (History Associates)
Author: Kim  Silvi (History Associates)

Air Monitoring Approaches For Risk Management at MGP Remediation Sites
Presenter:  Brian  Skelly (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Authors:  Brian Skelly and Chris Gordon (GEI Consultants, Inc.),  Colin DeHate and Robin DeHate (University of South Florida)

Impacts of Residual MGP Waste on Existing and Proposed Natural Gas Utility Distribution Infrastructure: A holistic approach to successful development on former MGPs
Presenter:  Jamey  Stynchula, P.G. (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Authors:  Jamey Stynchula, P.G. and Jeena Sheppard (GEI Consultants, Inc.), Chris Langman (UGI Utilities, Inc.)

Remediation of MGP Holder Area in Urban Environment
Presenter:  Jon  Sundquist, Ph.D. (AECOM)
Authors:  Jon Sundquist, Ph.D., Reeti Doshi and Allen Zgaljardic, P.E. (AECOM),  Donald Campbell (National Grid)

Hudson River CETCO RCMR Sediment Cap Under the EPRI Building
Presenter:  Janos M. Szeman, P.E. (PS&S Engineering, Inc.)
Authors:  Janos M. Szeman, P.E. (PS&S Engineering, Inc.), Matt Geary (CETCO)

PreDICT™:  Enhancing the EPRI Generic Work Plan to Assess Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Mobility in the Subsurface at Manufactured Gas Plant Sites
Presenter:  Derek  Tomlinson (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Authors:  Derek W. Tomlinson, J. Michael Hawthorne, Lisa Reyenga, Gaylen R. Brubaker (GEI Consultants, Inc.),  Jeffrey A. Clock (Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)),   David V. Nakles (Carnegie Mellon University)

Excavation of Source Material Near Adjacent Building
Presenter:  Jennifer  Williams (AECOM)
Authors:  Jennifer Williams, Roger Beck and Mark McCabe (AECOM), Sidney Wuellner-Rice (NiSource) 

Shelter from the Storm: Integrating MGP Remediation and Coastal Flood Resilience
Presenter:  Jon Williams, P.E. (GEI Consultants, Inc.)
Authors:  Jon Williams (GEI Consultants, Inc.), Tracey Bell (NYC Economic Development Corp.),  Kevin McCarty, P.G. (Integral Consulting)

Reactive Cap Modeling – A Tool to Refine Remedy Design and Build Stakeholder Consensus
Presenter:  Kristen Wright-Ng (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.)
Authors:  Kristen Wright-Ng, Sean Carroll and Bill Haswell (Haley & Aldrich, Inc.)



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