No Further Action – For Real!



No Further Action – For Real!

Presenter:  Ben T. Foster, P.G. (AECOM)
Authors:  Ben T. Foster, P.G.  and Randy Sillan, P.E. (AECOM)


NO FURTHER ACTION – FOR REAL! A true dyed in the Prussian blue success story for the closure of a manufactured gas plant site Diffusion from underlying fine grained sediments caused a substantial increase in dissolved compounds following a large source removal. A rapid well-focused assessment program was then performed to regain faith in obtaining site closure. Relationships were leveraged recognizing that options and costs would be influenced by the stakeholders. An enhanced bio-oxidation system was designed and operated along with subsequent sulfate injections to efficiently clean up the groundwater. A restrictive covenant and a no further action were successfully negotiated for the site. This was achieved although the land was not owned by the responsible party. Further, all the assessment and cleanup work was conducted concurrently with the operation of a municipal gas company and City park. The site use did not change. A large cost savings and desired result were obtained due to relationships, ability to negotiate, agility to adjust to conditions and technical performance. This presentation describes how.

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