Large Diameter Augers – Exploring Remediation Opportunities Beyond In Situ Solidification/Stabilization (ISS) and Excavation


Large Diameter Augers – Exploring Remediation Opportunities Beyond In Situ Solidification/Stabilization (ISS) and Excavation

Jim Langenbach and Jim Linton (Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.)


Jim Langenbach

Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

Speaker Bio:

Jim Langenbach, P.E., BCEE is a Sr. Principal and American Academy of Environmental Engineers Board Certified Environmental Engineer with Geosyntec Consultants, a consulting and engineering firm with over 70 offices in the U.S., including nine offices in Florida. Mr. Langenbach is located in the firm’s Space Coast office in Titusville, Florida and serves as a Florida Branch Manager, leading Geosyntec’s Site Investigation/Remediation practice. He has 25 years of experience as an environmental remediation professional in the southeastern United States. Much of his experience for State, federal, and private sector clients includes: site characterization with a focus on high-resolution site characterization (HRSC) and effective conceptual site model (CSM) development; remediation feasibility studies; remedial system design, implementation, construction and optimization; and management of complex multi-party contaminated soil/groundwater impacted sites. He serves as the project manager or engineer-of-record for many of Geosyntec’s remediation projects in the State Drycleaner Solvent Cleanup and Hazardous Waste programs, remediation sites for NASA at Kennedy Space Center and Stennis Space Center, and manufactured gas plant projects.


The application of large diameter augers (LDA) for ISS and excavation is a routinely applied remedial approach for addressing MGP sites. Looking beyond ISS and/or excavation, additional innovative technology applications exist for LDA, including: (i) LDA with steam injection and zero valent iron polishing (LDA/Steam/ZVI), (ii) LDA mixing with in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) injection (LDA/ISCO), and (iii) LDA for the construction of engineered phytoremediation TreeWell™ systems (LDA/Phyto). This presentation will provide an overview of traditional LDA technology applications and then present a summary of non-conventional LDA applications that, depending on the site-specific conceptual site model, may have applicability to MGP Sites. LDA/Steam/ZVI technology applications will focus on the implementation and results of the technology applied to treat volatile plumes and potential applications and/or permutations at MGP sites. The LDA/ISCO technology application will explore the fundamentals of ISCO, surfactant enhancements and the typical challenges associated with the technology that can be overcome via the use of an LDA mixing system to distribute/mix oxidants at MGP sites. Lastly, the application of the LDA/Phyto technology application will be presented to demonstrate how the LDA system is used in the application of an engineered TreeWell™ system to achieve and/or enhance hydraulic containment and enhance contaminant of concern reductions over time. While the application of LDA for ISS and excavation will likely remain a mainstay for many MGP sites, innovative permutations of the LDA technology offer alternatives approaches to addressing site-specific challenges that warrant consideration.

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