ISS Treatability Study on the Former Synergy MGP Site



ISS Treatability Study on the Former Synergy MGP Site

Presenter:  Tommy  Jordan (KEMRON)
Author:  Tommy  Jordan (KEMRON)


KEMRON Environmental Services, Inc. performed an in-situ solidification/stabilization treatability study on materials sampled from the Synergy Former Manufactured Gas Plant located in Claremont, New Hampshire.  The test materials were heavily impacted with coal tar typically contained in MGP waste samples.  KEMRON evaluated the effectiveness of pozzolanic additives including a specialty blend of Type I Portland cement (PC), and Type II PC.    Testing was performed on “average” and “worst case” site materials in a treatability study especially designed to determine successful mixture formulations within an expedited time frame as well as evaluating cost comparisons for the Type I PC blend and Type II PC. Once the mixtures were developed, KEMRON tested the treated samples for unconfined compressive strength testing and permeability testing to ensure performance criteria was met.    Based on the results of the treatability study, the full scale ISS remedy was implemented quickly.  Confirmation samples were submitted to KEMRON for UCS and permeability testing, resulting in successful implementation and completion of the remedial action and meeting performance criteria.


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