Hudson River CETCO RCMR Sediment Cap Under the EPRI Building



Hudson River CETCO RCMR Sediment Cap Under the EPRI Building

Presenter:  Janos M. Szeman, P.E. (PS&S Engineering, Inc.)
Authors: Janos M. Szeman, P.E. (PS&S Engineering, Inc.), Matt Geary (CETCO) )


The BICC Cables Site, a former manufacturing facility whose operation led to contamination of on-site soil and sediment by PCBs, has been the subject of remediation since 2005. The PCB impacted sediment could not be efficiently and safely removed by dredging because of horizontal and vertical spatial limitations, safety concerns, and the heavy debris content. An engineering control was required to contain and treat the PCB impacted sediment. In addition to the engineering challenges posed by the site conditions, the need to work within the waters of the Hudson River created an extremely complex regulatory context. A 24,500-square-foot area Multi-Layer Sediment Cover System (SCS) was designed and constructed to contain and treat the PCB-impacted sediment under the EPRI Building in the Hudson River. City of Yonkers, NYSDEC, USACE, NOAA NMFS, and USEPA approval of this SCS were required. The SCS included a cushion sand fill layer, overlapping layers of an SCS Active Treatment and Containment Layer consisting of CETCO Reactive Core MatR (RCMR), an SCS Scour Protection Layer consisting of filled TenCate GT 500 geotextile tubes and geotube pillows, and an SCS Armor Protection and Habitat Layer consisting of Cobble and Revetment Stone under the EPRI Building. SCS Remote Sensing System load cells with fiber optic cables were installed to monitor long-term movement and integrity of the SCS. The SCS Remote Sensing System provided a redundant monitoring approach that would develop two independent data sets to monitor the integrity and stability of the Multi-Layer SCS. Specialty marine contractors successfully installed the SCS between November 2015 and February 2016. PS&S provided program management and Engineer of Record services for the successful installation and record documentation of the SCS. CETCO provided technical consultation services and support during the regulatory agency feasibility study, design and permitting phase.

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