Haverhill Holder Site Remediation and Culvert Replacement



Haverhill Holder Site Remediation and Culvert Replacement

Presenter:  Jason Chrzanowski (GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.)
Authors:  Jason Chrzanowski, Stephen Raymond, Charles Lindberg, and  James Clark (GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.)


This former Manufactured Gas Storage and Distribution facility is located in Haverhill, Massachusetts (the Site).  The presentation will focus on the design and implementation of the final remedy under the Massachusetts environmental regulations.      The Site remedy was comprised of the following:  excavation and off-Site recycling and disposal of  approximately 10,000 tons of MGP residual and MGP residual/urban fill-impacted soils; dredging and restoration of an intermittent tributary stream; excavation and removal of a 48-inch diameter concrete drain line; and installation of a replacement 54-inch diameter High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fusion welded drain line, HDPE and pre-cast concrete manholes, and off-set catch basins for the new HDPE drainage system.        In addition to presenting the key elements of the Site remedy, the presentation will focus on: (1) the rationale, design, and technical aspects and challenges related to the replacement of the existing concrete drain line with a fully sealed HDPE system; and (2) challenges associated with implementing this comprehensive remedy at an existing manufacturing facility site and within a residential neighborhood.    The remedy was successfully completed and will lead to the filing of a Permanent Solution closure for the Site in 2017 under the state regulations with no long-term Operation and Maintenance requirements.


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