Fountains Apartments



Fountains Apartments

Presenter:  Brett Engard, P.G. (Anchor QEA)
Authors:  Brett Engard, P.G.  and Jennifer Verde, P.E. (Anchor QEA)



The Fountains Apartments was a mutually beneficial redevelopment project nearly 20 years in the making. A national utility service provider facilitated the transformation of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) environmental liability into a vibrant community living space with revenue generation for the City, owner, and themselves. The MGP facility ceased operations in the mid-1900s, buildings were razed, and remedial activities were performed; however, the city-center property largely was underutilized. A Voluntary Cleanup Contract (VCC) was established with the Department of Health and Environment (DHEC). A Brownfields Agreement incentivized a prospective developer to construct over 300 market-rate apartment and condominiums. Although challenges were faced, the regulatory framework, including a Land Use Control (LUC) and deed restrictions, as well as stakeholder cooperation, allowed the project to proceed with administrative closure of soil cleanup requirements and provided a pathway for groundwater closure.


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