Effective Risk Management on an MGP Site Remediation



Effective Risk Management on an MGP Site Remediation

Presenter:  Hunter Sartain, P.E., GC (ERM)
Author:  Hunter Sartain, P.E., GC (ERM)


Risk management processes take various different forms, and are commonly implemented on practically all environmental projects. The process typically involves assessment, evaluation, and management of different risks that might have a negative effect on the project outcome, people, or reputation.  Traditional environmental remediation risk management generally focuses on health & safety, legal, regulatory, third party and other common areas of concern arising from construction-related projects. This poster presents the different risks experienced at different stages of a moderate former manufactured gas plant remediation project, and the different controls used to manage and mitigate those risks.

This paper focuses on the Risk Management Process utilized during the project, tools used to monitor the risks, and how project “unexpected risks” were handled to reduce overall impacts.


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