Community Relations and Stakeholder Management on Third-Party Owned Site during MGP Site Remediation Activities



Community Relations and Stakeholder Management on Third-Party Owned Site
During MGP Site Remediation Activities

Presenter:  Douglas  Kier (AECOM)
Authors:  Douglas Kier and Crystal Shadle (AECOM), Peter Farrand (PECO Energy Company)


During 2015, PECO Energy conducted remediation activities at a former MGP site located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania under Pennsylvania’s ‘Act 2’ statute. The site is situated in a semi-urban residential neighborhood and is partially located on a property owned by the local fire hall. Remedial performance objectives included attainment of the Pennsylvania Non-Residential soil and groundwater cleanup standard, minimal disruption to surrounding community, and completing work safely without incidents or property damage. Approximately 23,000 tons of impacted soils were excavated and transported to a thermal treatment facility. To facilitate the removal of impacted soils, an existing building was demolished since the former MGP site existed beneath this building. In addition, an immediately adjacent building was required to remain open and operational during all remedial activities. While the site is located on non-residentially zoned property, it is also near a semi-urban residential neighborhood with residences within 50 feet of the excavation boundary. Additional care was taken throughout the course of remedial planning and execution to ensure the property owner and residents were disrupted as minimally as possible. These measures included extensive community outreach during all steps of the remedial investigation and planning; vibration monitoring during building demolition, pile driving activities, soil excavation and loadout, and backfill compaction; real-time and laboratory-analyzed perimeter and off-site air monitoring; odor control via excavation foaming and perimeter misting; traffic control and off-site truck staging during soil load-out; strict adherence to local noise and work hour ordinances; and use of 24-hour security to maintain safety of work area. The use of these measures allowed PECO to successfully complete remedial and site restoration activities with minimal disruption to both community and site activities.


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