Automated Data Collection and Reporting:  The Good and Bad



Automated Data Collection and Reporting:  The Good and Bad

Presenter:  Melissa  McLaughlin (AECOM)
Author: Melissa  McLaughlin (AECOM)


In a digital world there is an increased pressure and expectation from site owners, consultants, the public, and state agencies for automated data reporting.  Requests/expectations have varied but all have been driven by the same goal – to get information into people’s hands sooner.  There are significant benefits to automatic data reporting but it comes with significant disadvantages as well.  Advantages of automatic data reporting has enhanced the exceedance notification process getting faster notification of exceedances to site management enabling dust and vapor controls to be made in real-time.  However, site owners, the public and state agencies are requesting live streaming of data to websites and agency databases.  AECOM will address the advantages and disadvantages of automatic data reporting.


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