Applying Horizontal Remediation Well Technology to MGP Site Cleanup



Applying Horizontal Remediation Well Technology to MGP Site Cleanup

Presenter:  Kyle Carlton (Directional Technologies, Inc.)
Author:  Mike Sequino (Directional Technologies, Inc.)


Originally invented in the 1920s for the oil & gas industry to increase oil production, directional drilling was later adapted for utility installations in the 1990s for pipelines and conduits. More recently, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technology has been used to install Horizontal Remediation Wells (HRWs) for the environmental industry. HRWs can be a cost-effective method to remediate large subsurface areas, even within active and complex industrial sites that are difficult, if not impossible, with traditional vertical wells or other in-situ approaches. Due to the long reach of directional drilling, horizontal wells can span across entire plumes, avoiding surface infrastructure to deliver in-situ remediation technologies at MGP sites. This presentation will provide an overview of horizontal remediation systems, describing the basics of HDD technology and remedial applications beneficial to MGP site remediation. Case studies will be presented featuring the installation of HRWs with applicable technologies, including a former MGP Site, demonstrating the exceptional ability of this technology to improve on the time, cost, and safety of a project.

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